What the critics say

Leadership in Residential Child Care

A relationship-based approach

Adrian Ward 

“This delightfully candid book, drawing upon the full length of the author’s extensive experience over five decades of working with, researching, and writing about children and young people in residential group care settings, exemplifies the value of understanding our historic present.

As Olive Stevenson (1998, p. 154) so aptly observed: ‘British child welfare has suffered from a lack of historical reflection: to acknowledge the distinctive and unique problems that we face today does not invalidate comparisons with the past’. If you are looking for an incisive, insightful, restorative text to begin to address this perceived deficit in your understanding of how practice wisdom can be accrued through time, then you can do no better than starting with Adrian Ward’s considered reflections.”

Nigel Horner’s review in Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care,  September 2015

“This is the book on leadership the residential child care field has been waiting for, and only Adrian Ward could have written it. I started reading it, and could not put it down until I had devoured the entire book; you can read it in an evening, but you will find yourself returning to it frequently.  It contains an immense amount of insight, wisdom and real life examples in a deceptively concise fashion. If you hold a leadership position at any level in residential care for young people, you must read this book. It is AN INSTANT CLASSIC. 

Finally we have a book on leadership that is fully congruent with the principles and practice of therapeutic residential care.  For managers, directors and supervisors, it will be like having an expert personal consultant at your side at all times – this is A GREAT CONTRIBUTION TO OUR FIELD! “

Professor James Anglin, School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

 “Leadership in Residential Child Care: a relationship-based approach consciously and conscientiously addresses the entire spectrum of residential care and if you are a leader, someone who supervises, supports or manages a leader, if you are a “would be” leader, and if you are a residential child worker, reading this book will inform your work and engage you in the kind of reflection that will be  in my view, necessary if you want to be involved in good residential child care. This book has made an immediate entry into my list of recommended reading.”

from Charles Sharpe’s review on goodenoughcaring.com (opens in new window)

“I thoroughly enjoyed (this book) and feel it is essential reading for every residential unit. I found myself laughing, close to tears and nodding my head in complete agreement … Most of all it struck a chord with me as I could relate to Adrian’s journey into leadership in residential care”

Review of first edition in Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care

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